renamed China ( February 2nd hearing, where the name change? It is reported that a well-known online travel website where the name of the sea Amoy website will be upgraded, renamed "cross-border interest", the old domain name will also be synchronized to replace


: Sea Amoy site where

sea Amoy website where is the national e-commerce pilot cross-border trade enterprises, to provide from the United States, Britain, South Korea, Japan and other countries popular pre packaged foods, dairy products, liquor wholesale, retail and other sales of imported products.


and travel sites, where to go is the two completely different nature of the enterprise, but the travel site where to go, after all, fame, more users are aware of. Therefore, the sea Amoy site where to go now renamed the cross-border fun, on their own brand development is also good.

was renamed China whois information query, sea Amoy website where in addition to a new domain name, also protected suffixes. But Xiao Bian here could not Tucao sentence, three letters "kjq" + English word "mall" is a bit long, and bad record, compared with other enabling short domain name providers, was OUT.

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