NetEase’s "parity software Huihui shopping assistant announced on the official micro-blog today, said the" you know ", in 11 during the double to Tmall and Taobao home page shows the historical price movements.

Hui Hui shopping assistant function is to help users provide the historical price of electricity supplier products, as well as horizontal parity. I believe that many such software users are ready to rely on the price of "eye" double recognition before the 11 secretly price black heart merchants. Under normal circumstances, installation of the shopping assistant users can directly see the price trend in the history of the designated goods ", according to Hui Hui micro-blog, Taobao is clearly the resistance caused by the failure.


Hui Hui shopping assistant price trend function


in the double 11 before Ali put out to punish the first price and then the price of the business. But Huihui was temporarily sealed, Tmall and Taobao still shows some limitations. Hui said, will be restored before the latest November 16th parity and price movements function, from this point of view, the benefits of castration for this function can be controlled. Insiders said that this is that he and Ali reached some aspects of the tacit understanding. Ali public relations ability is evident in

Hui said in the official micro-blog, the affected function is limited to the page shows the historical price, in the search for the benefits of Taobao or App line of goods, or you can get the price chart.

also said:

after the test, if the baby into the shopping cart, will show the historical price of the goods. So, people will not be hurt by profiteers.

and other plug-ins no abnormal function of outgoing parity, impatient hand chop party also can choose. It is not my above cheats, Lei Feng.

below is the micro-blog shopping assistant full text:

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