[Abstract] Alibaba will be transferred to the 11Main online store in New York, a venture capital investment in the electricity supplier companies OpenSky.


Tencent technology news Alibaba group in the United States on the eve of the overall market, Ali launched an international strategy. In the first international station in the United States, Ali group launched a similar China Tmall America online store "11Main", unfortunately, after the opening of a year, the day before the transfer by network mall.

U.S. media commented that the Alibaba is Chinese e-commerce "King", but in the United States to copy its successful experience in electronic commerce, Alibaba suffered.

Alibaba group, a spokeswoman for the U.S. News website Quartz confirmed that Alibaba will be transferred to the 11Main online shopping mall in New York, a venture capital backed e-commerce business OpenSky.

currently, the specific amount of this transaction is ominous. Another U.S. technology website reported that after the transfer of the site, Alibaba group will hold 37% stake in OpenSky.

in this transaction, 11Main employees will be layoffs, Alibaba group is reluctant to disclose more information to the media.

11Main is a Alibaba group in the overseas expansion of the first big e-commerce project. The online store business model is more like Chinese Tmall rather than Taobao. Most of the United States to join stores are local corporate brands. When the mall opened, due to the shareholders of the Alibaba group, it caused public concern, and even that Alibaba will be in the United States to challenge the Amazon e-commerce monopoly.

U.S. media analysts pointed out that in China’s e-commerce market, Alibaba group took a highly offensive strategy, but as a latecomer to the U.S. market, Alibaba action is more cautious.

before starting 11Main mall, the first Alibaba acquired three technology startups, they mainly help the small and medium-sized enterprises to implement e-commerce plan in eBay and the Amazon platform.

According to

reports, 11Main online shopping mall real trader who is some Alibaba was acquired by the company executives, Alibaba subsequently provided funding and guidance to help, but the group did not get involved in the daily management and operation.

in the first year of opening, 11Main mall in the U.S. market did not set off any waves. The site also did not disclose sales data and user information, indicating that business development did not meet expectations.

from the 11Main website interface, and other online shopping sites in the United States and there is no significant difference.

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