DoNews September 10th news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) the day before the Jingdong group and South Korea well-known business comprehensive shopping website Lotte online shopping (LOTTE) signed a strategic cooperation agreement, as in Chinese Lotte online shopping in the next five years the only strategic partner. According to the cooperation agreement, and the service commodity group by Jingdong will Lotte global purchase platform for Chinese market sales.

according to the agreement, Lotte Lotte Group online shopping will guide all subsidiary Jingdong to create "Lotte Pavilion", all the goods of the Lotte Department store, HIMART, Lotte, Lotte duty free shop, Lotte confectionery, Lotte Hotel, Lotte World will be sold in Lotte Group Jingdong Lotte museum.

said Jingdong, Jingdong and Lotte both goal is in the next 3 years, from 15 thousand to start, sales of goods will expand to 200 thousand, cooperation will also be extended to tourism and service areas such as O2O.

global strategy has become an important reason for the domestic electricity supplier in the international retail giant. Currently, Jingdong has been on the global purchase of France, South Korea, Japan, Australia, the United States and other five regional characteristics museum. The day before the signing of the Jingdong and the Alibaba also Lotte online shopping, the German retail trade group Metro reached an exclusive strategic cooperation. (end)

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