August 12, 2016, mierkat Salon "sea cat speak it in Shenzhen" 004 Baoan city of Xixiang Qianhai City Guangdong teahouse hall held for guests to share the Danhong Haotian CEO Mr. Wang Jihong, Wang issues and on-site customer service service overseas cross-border electricity supplier’s audience for the depth of the words, and detailed analysis of the true cost of current methods and processes customer service and customer service of processing.


Wang said, if it is just to do cross-border electricity supplier new, there is need to pay special attention to, one is not take the conventional way, by using the model of the older generation to do cross-border electricity; two is to think more about their advantage in where, beyond the competitors in this area, creating a unique differentiation to avoid the homogenization of difficulties. At present, to discuss various aspects of cross-border electricity supplier has a lot, such as products, such as operation, such as product development, then such as outside storage, but the realm of customer service do not have too many cross-border business people to pay attention to, but this is the customer service to better highlight the difference and uniqueness.


after-sales service is not just for China’s cross-border electricity supplier sellers, it is more extensive, but also includes quality and renovation. China’s cross-border electricity supplier sellers are the most difficult to solve the problem is too many peers, a product selling fire, there will be a lot of businesses to follow suit, profit margins plummeted. So, if Chinese cross-border business just to sell those prices relatively low, relatively easy to sell, easy delivery of products, there is no threshold, no threshold is not the core competitiveness, and good customer service is a segment of the threshold with competitors.

to do a good job in the overseas market customer service service, we must first know what is the accounting of their current product customer service cost, and then look at how to reduce the cost of customer service, and gradually establish a comprehensive system, the overseas customer service system. In fact, China’s cross-border electricity supplier sellers do not do very well in many details, there is room for improvement and optimization, after-sales service is one of the key points.



back to the Amazon platform, Wang believes that in the long run, must do FBA, and Amazon FBA will inevitably encounter the problem of return, the return of the goods, is not directly on the shelves. After either is accumulated to a certain amount, unified transport back to China by the manufacturer to do quality inspection, refurbishment or for packaging; or is a long time to do the destruction or jettison processing, especially electronic products with battery. In fact, there is a part of the product only after simple repair or renovation can be re sold, such as some buyers to buy shoes, just once, that is not satisfied, they returned, but these shoes as long as the dust fall into internal clean, put on a new packaging can sell again on amazon.


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