news September 18th, billion state power network that BELLE’s Hongkong shoes brand Hermione (Millies) Tmall flagship store has over a period of nearly 2 months of trial operation, officially launched on the day before. Since then, in addition to JipiJapa BELLE group’s own brand almost settled Tmall.


It is reported that

, Hermione is from Hongkong fashion brand shoes, the shoe design, the main fashion personality, to "do it yourself, go my way" as the brand slogan, the tone of the brand has a strong personal style.

billion state power network learned Millies Millie’s flagship store at the beginning of the line, according to the multiple dimensions of function and style of product classification. The style is divided into high street gang, leisure family, school, etc. to help cool light luxury; at the same time, according to the characteristics of footwear products will be divided into a princess, a high heel, sports and leisure sector. At present, there are nearly 150 women’s shoes are in the store, shop promotion, consumers can get some relief through the receiving store coupons.

data show that Hermione was founded in 1960s, in 2008 to become the BELLE group’s high-end brand; BELLE was founded in 1992, has now become the integration of production and marketing enterprise group, BELLE, Teenmix, autonomous operation of Tata, Staccat, Joy& Peac, Mirabell, Millie ‘s and other 10 brands, Bata, BCBG, ELLE business agent 8 a brand. Product radiation in China, the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries or regions.

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