current market capitalization of $10 billion 576 million. During the period of soaring in shares all the way, only one agency trying to short muddy water, failed.

this is a magical site. It’s not 58, it’s

is the site electricity supplier in the domestic market, become a "flash purchase" pioneers, blaze a new trail, attracted numerous business tycoon to imitate.


Shen Ya business from luxury to two or three line brand flash purchase, all automatics. Since the fourth quarter of 2012 so far, has maintained a high profit and growth. The United States and the market is undoubtedly a low-key way to make money made a perfect free publicity. Listed two and a half, the market value of nearly 33 times. While shares soared in a way, only one agency trying to short, failed.

was founded nearly 6 years, of course, is proud of the results. Behind’s successful business model, is the buyer, is brand-name, light warehousing…… But behind the fierce, electricity market never change unpredictably.

is at the helm, Shen Asia is the paved road to the future. Whether it is the acquisition of cosmetics electricity supplier Le bee network, or a financial license approval, have proved in this race, Shen Ya choose to take the initiative.

3 financial licenses hand

at the beginning of July, through the approval of Guangdong provincial finance office, a small loan company to get a license. So far, has got a factoring license and Shanghai, Guangdong small loan license.

as early as last year, in the layout of the financial business in secret, in addition to the establishment of the financial sector, but also the establishment of a subsidiary of factoring and Shanghai, Guangdong, a small loan company.

after the listing of the past two years, every day inside the hands are holding a lot of cash do not know how to spend. So always want to have a breakthrough in the field of Internet banking." A person familiar with’s financial weekly (Sina micro-blog @ financial weekly, WeChat public number money-week) reporter said.

it is reported that at the end of last year to get factoring license set up factoring company, providing more than 100 vendors on the platform based on the accounts receivable financing, the cumulative amount of more than 300 million yuan.

and in May this year, released its earnings report, said Yang Donghao CFO, just get a small loan license Shanghai, established a Shanghai company received small loans to local financial department approval, is expected to be formally established after one or two months. It is understood that plans to set up a small loan company in Shanghai, Jiading District, the registered capital of 200 million yuan, for which the establishment of a financial team of about 8 people.

two months later, once again get a small loan license in Guangdong. It is reported that the local relevant departments to take into account the characteristics of small electricity supplier loans, approved by’s small loan company for owned, breaking the single largest shareholder of small loan companies

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