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reporter Huang Yuan Zhao Yan from Shanghai Beijing


in the end not to taxes for online stores? Recently, the CPPCC National Committee, chairman of Su ningyun Zhang Jindong and the National People’s Congress, Hunan super chain BBK Group Chairman Wang Tian proposed that triggered widespread hot taxes for online stores.

"sign business tax" on Taobao by many sellers referred to as "public and private use, against competitors, while Suning responded that is based upon the industry point of view of the proposal, not for the individual and a company. Yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary and director Zhou Bohua told the "First Financial Daily reporters confirmed: at present, the revised" online commodity trading and service regulation "is not involved in" the ongoing tax electricity supplier".

Zhou Bohua also introduced more to adapt to the rapid development of the electricity supplier, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce led by the "online commodity trading and services regulations" has been amended, the Ordinance has been included in the State Council Legislative plan two.

Taobao: no objection to taxing

Zhang Jindong recently proposed that the way proposed tax revenue department of the electricity supplier, from the system level to avoid tax evasion. Then, fill Wang also said that compared with physical stores, online shopping "not invoice, do not pay taxes has become an unspoken rule, it is unfair to the retail entity.

Wang Tian said that the only Alibaba operating platform shops in 2012 more than 35 billion yuan in tax evasion, the platform type electricity supplier evasion more than 100 billion yuan.

the above proposal attracted Taobao questioned. Taobao.com official repeatedly questioned micro-blog retorted, "35 billion yuan" and "100 billion yuan" digital evasion is how to draw, and asked Wang fill open investigation sample and investigation process.

Taobao official said in a statement: no objection to the electricity supplier tax, but opposed to the current tax period. According to previous data, the current 94% of Taobao’s sales turnover of less than $240 thousand, most of which are not within the scope of the tax. Meet the conditions of the tax business, has begun to pay taxes online. If you are now forced to impose a tax on individual shops, will combat the enthusiasm of the micro economy.

, however, whether Ma or Taobao officials have admitted: do not oppose the electricity supplier tax.


Ma Yun said that the seller’s success is not imagined by a little bit of tax evasion, they rely on innovation to survive, they rely on in the hope of survival, by not paying taxes can not be sustained economic. Taobao has also stressed that it is opposed to tax in this period, and pointed out what the tax can do for this group, what can be done for these young people, what to do in the future.

Ma said, in addition, there are more than 6% sellers began to pay taxes, add up to about five or six billion, at the same time. "

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