China electronic commerce is a new generation of "merchants" – the network groups together, will be the first western "sword" chengdu. Today, the third session of the network trade fair jointly built by the Alibaba group and Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, the Chengdu municipal government (hereinafter referred to as the "network") will be opened in Chengdu, this is the year after May, September in Guangzhou and Hangzhou for the first time to network West, Chengdu is clearly the strategic target of constructing the electronic commerce center of the city after the first large scale e-commerce nature fair, is expected to have more than 50 thousand network operators around the country gathered in Chengdu, a comprehensive docking with 500 high-quality local exhibitors, to jointly open up a broad domestic market in Western china.

Ma Yun Lairong

lead the way of e-commerce in Western China

According to reporters from the

network organizing committee learned that the Alibaba Group Chairman Ma Yun will personally attend the third Lairong net goods transactions will be held today the opening ceremony, and to attend the sixth session of the conference of Chengdu network forum and Chengdu electronic commerce development Roundtable and a series of activities, in the activities of Ma Yun will be in the "new commercial civilization the development in the Midwest" keynote speech and dialogue on the western enterprise electronic commerce road network, and excellent business people.

it is understood that the network trade fair moved to the west, is located in Chengdu, the end of June this year, the Alibaba group and Chengdu signed an agreement to invest $100 million to set up the Chengdu base, Lairong signed Ma and Chengdu city jointly finalized, is one of the important steps to enter the Chengdu investment Alibaba. In the network during the launch of net goods commodity display, trade negotiations, e-commerce forum, e-commerce professional talent recruitment, training of e-commerce applications and product experience and other activities, is expected in the exhibition area will reach 11 thousand square meters, excellent local exhibitors over 500, there will be tens of thousands of participants, Lairong network all over the country the audience is expected to more than 100 thousand people.

Prior to

, the first, the two network was held in Guangzhou, Hangzhou in May and September this year, the third session of the net is handed in the curtain, means that the Alibaba’s strategic tentacles from the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta has been extended to the western hinterland.

spike snapped

wait for you to come to a

spike buying – the so-called spike, is the network seller released a number of ultra low price goods, all buyers at the same time a way to buy online sales. In the network, the exhibitors are very popular online sales to the scene, Taobao 1 yuan "seckill" will be a grand debut in the day.

no reserve auction – "no reserve auction" is not to set the reserve price of the auction, in other words, no matter how low the price, as long as someone bid goods will be traded. The net is handed in the no reserve auction also moved to the event, want to take cheap things, the most important is the accurate valuation.

campus chief Ma Dou in network period, from a Chengdu university campus Belle Beauty. "

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