electric business sector recently staged again and again. Here is the 58 market and enjoyable, the head of jumei.com and vip.com, suddenly pinch up. The evening of April 17th, jumei.com senior vice president Liu Huipu micro-blog accused vip.com of theft, plagiarism, suspected of selling fake authorized copy, and said it had sent a lawyer’s letter, asked vip.com to immediately offline copy infringement, and public apology. Vip.com also through micro-blog big V Internet believers Wang Guanxiong has responded, saying that due to the dealer will be to the United States before the material is directly delivered to the vip.com, while the small series of overtime production forgot to delete. And said so far the company has not received the so-called JM lawyer letter.

vip.com: are legally authorized genuine

the afternoon of April 17th, Liu Huipu, senior vice president of jumei.com micro-blog, "we really have no plans to buy vip.com" as the topic, publicly accused vip.com of copying jumei.com part in the sale of cosmetics trademark license, copy and page design. Subsequently, jumei.com CEO Chen Ou forwarding micro-blog, and vip.com CEO Shen Ya respond.

Liu Huipu in the long pointed out that the United States to obtain a variety of micro-blog exclusive selling goods in the vip.com brand, and posted a reply. The message display includes nine cloud, horse oil belongs to Claire S and rainbow mask said the official vip.com is not authorized to sell their products, the brand is still the message expressed doubts on the authenticity of the goods.

Liu Huipu pointed out that micro-blog

in the United States only copy authorized cosmetics, authorized by a variety of the sales page directly copy the United States, even the "United States" logo are not removed. And said the South Korean JK company on April 16th issued a statement accusing vip.com of illegal embezzlement of documents and sales of products.

Liu Huipu said, for this, nearly 100 alleged infringement screenshots have all legal notarized, the United States Department of justice immediately issued a lawyer’s letter, asked vip.com to immediately offline copy infringement, and public apology.

licensing issues into the largest electricity supplier pain points

turned upside down, you know, only a short while ago, big authorization is the most controversial defect, before jumei.com today, the same problem and transfer to vip.com body.

for the cosmetics industry, there is no authorization is to prove whether it is genuine authority. A cosmetics dealer told reporters, ordinary people (603883, shares) to the product inspection to verify the authenticity eleven, but generally speaking, the cosmetics counters also do not provide consumers with authentication service, the most effective way of inspection is to see whether it is formal channels, with or without authorization".

Liu Huipu at micro-blog said, "vip.com makeup page with the United States overseas purchase page the product introduction, as like as two peas, copy details, model head did not say, even the brand authorization documents are the same as the ah!" thus, authorization documents is important for products.

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