December 29, 2009, Alibaba group chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun (a pseudonym of "Feng Qingyang") the first time to Changsha, he and Alibaba controlled by Asia’s largest online shopping district President Lu Zhaoxi (a pseudonym "Tiemuzhen") to climb Mount Yuelu.

down, director of the Hunan administration of radio, Ouyang Changlin gave them a name: they contain antithetical couplet horse to be successful and happy Amoy dragon more The rosy clouds are slowly rising., Zhaoxi fast taking "Hengpi tide, majestic and grand". In the popular Hunan TV host Wang Han urged the Ma, according to Taobao practice, give Ouyang Changlin sealed the "old children" nickname.

this is the first time in recent years, Ma Taobao news conference. Significantly thinner Ma to let Taobao fat up. Taobao will jointly invest 100 million yuan to establish a joint venture with Hunan TV station Hunan TV Co., Ltd., a joint venture company,, Taobao, Taobao ().

joint venture will be happy life, fashion Taobao as the theme, planning, production of television programs, to guide the flow of potential users happy Taobao shopping. will also set up a website dedicated to independent shopping channels and the external trend, and may Toupai and online shopping related television programs and television drama. Taobao will also consider similar cooperation with other provincial TV stations.

as early as mid March this year, a cooperation between the two sides of the issue is not less than 1 hours of television programs in the Hunan TV evening prime time broadcast weekly, the gold producer zhangyibei and featuring Wang Han.

in September last year, Hunan satellite TV, a director found strategic cooperation department director Sun Yanjiang, hope to do a program on the network business. Later, "Ouyang Changlin does not want to chipping away" and "always want Taobao to expand business to the Midwest to" Ma Yun involved in the negotiations, and ultimately by the program into a joint venture company. Happy Taobao will build a star net goods manufacturing plant. Hunan is responsible for the program, Taobao is responsible for investment. At present, the joint venture company is carrying out the formation of the team, investment, the development of fees and coordination of profit sharing.

Sun Yanjiang said, based on the development of Taobao TV has a technical program. In the near future, TV users at home can directly through the remote control on the TV screen to complete the Taobao shopping. You can even use the remote control to "happy camp" and other programs interested in the purchase of star costumes. This is the Taobao and China group cooperation projects.

this is only part of the overall action of Taobao in the past 2009. In addition, not only through the Alibaba group to pull the Zhejiang daily newspaper group for holding 51% of the shareholders, issue the "Taobao world" magazine, and Lenovo Mobile, TCL, China Telecom to launch customized mobile phone function embedded in Taobao.

This means that is no longer satisfied with the online shop stall, but to the successful model of using television, print, mobile Internet and other platforms to copy Taobao. >

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