Taobao Juhuasuan is Alibaba’s buy site, China is one of the largest buy site. Juhuasuan with Taobao massive, rich goods and a huge consumer groups, to provide about 200 million of the daily customer service. Whether from the date of the transaction amount, the number of transactions or the number of participants, are the first in the country.

there is no doubt that Juhuasuan has become the most popular seller Taobao platform, just as consumers we can only see the sales and promotion, in particular Juhuasuan can bring what sellers? Today I share with you.

1, single product sales and overall store sales growth of

no doubt, to do a day of activities in the Juhuasuan, the seller can give thousands of single sales, for the store to bring super popularity. Each Juhuasuan there are a lot of goods in the open group after a few hours, thousands of baby will be sold.

to participate in Juhuasuan’s baby description page, to join the relevant baby recommendation, with promotions, store promotions, with good store structure design, can enhance the popularity and sales of the entire store. Not only greatly enhance sales and turnover, but also to the seller the most direct way to bring profits.

2, enhance brand exposure

Juhuasuan platform every day hundreds of thousands of buyers waiting to buy, so put in the Juhuasuan brand and store brand products have a high exposure rate. With the visibility of the visibility and awareness of the Internet users, users may now see your product will not buy, when there is a need to shop directly to the store or brand name.


This figure is Semir

promotion in Juhuasuan, Juhuasuan also became the Semir brand display platform, the large clothing brands can also through the Juhuasuan deal with the backlog of inventory, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

3, get good market research and customer feedback

is involved in a Juhuasuan campaign, can be more intuitive solution to the needs of the seller and feedback on the product, the equivalent of doing a market research, obtained the use of products, customer experience, or other requirements from the customer’s evaluation and so on, will be in the days after the selection of new products more targeted and selective, these belong to the first hand information for their own shop.

In addition

screenshots, screenshots, and evaluation of sales unpopular scene, but also for days after the sale of material.

4, cultivate loyal customers, for the two marketing


after the end of the event, will store within a short time back, the customer must be willing to patronize second shops attract some of the baby, this is done in store promotions, limited time discount, buy back the best time.

bought goods mailing line of creativity, such as color pages, two purchase vouchers, total five points praise back now.

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