technology news January 9th morning news, after the Alibaba launched the "stars" plan, the first implementation of Tmall in the beauty industry, the three major domestic cosmetics brands, Herborist, CHCEDO and South Korea to join the service.

from the beginning of January 19th, Herborist, CHCEDO and consumers in Korea after the Tmall flagship store to buy related products, through the mobile phone Taobao or Tmall APP scanning products on the two-dimensional code, you can do product traceability. In addition, consumers can also learn to use of the product and collocation effect, and the extraction by the mobile phone Taobao and Alipay jointly provide businesses envelopes, product experience coupons, Gala tickets and other gifts.

Tmall said, the code Amoy technology, can be a complete set of production data management, product traceability, security verification, product description, user interaction solution into a two-dimensional code, provided to the beauty business. Businesses need only in the factory on the packaging of goods marked the two-dimensional code, consumers can tracing to its source, identify authenticity; if there is a bad business copy of two-dimensional code fraud and selling businesses, through Ali big data on the two-dimensional code scan code to make the number of judgment, and radar automatic tracking fake scan code location, you can the rapid investigation of counterfeit products and selling fake address, thus cutting off the behavior of online and offline.

in this way, after each piece of cosmetics factory, have their own identity card. CHCEDO parent company Garan group related responsible person said, "the implementation of brand code project, it is a innovation to consumers, brand platform and three party common interests and aspirations, as domestic leading brands, CHCEDO will fully cooperate with Tmall to promote. At present the brand code to code for the realization, the future will actively explore brand code for the broader commodity popularization mode."

it is reported that, in addition to the make-up brand outside the country, the international well-known brands have also been added to the sky star program. In the future, whether it is online or offline, consumers can scan the code to identify the authenticity of goods.

on the starry sky plan:

Star program is mainly to the code as a link, Alibaba provides businesses with a complete set of solutions from the production data management, product traceability, security inspection, product description, user interaction. The stars of the program code using a two-dimensional code technology is currently the most advanced, through personal secret key encryption, digital signature verification and offline SDK data line combined with other ways to ensure that the two-dimensional code on each item is the one and only. (Warriors)

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