ten years ago, the Internet into China, and gradually rise, resulting in the achievement of a part of entrepreneurship, these people would later separate regime of the Internet gangster. After ten years, with the rapid development of the Internet, the situation is so All flowers bloom together. prospects into spring. Who knows, this beautiful picture, how deep will the bloody truth in the face of the Internet business venture? The inevitable result, either dead or silent, with vigour and vitality; to the unknown; or have already shiguwucun; but really tight encirclement, blaze trail is also a loss of soldiers, since the loss of eight hundred one thousand struggling among. In this case, I believe many people will ask, what is the Internet itself determines the cruel nature, or deliberately create a blurred picture? Therefore, we may wish to unravel the inner link of this opens the fog, full of contradictions body —

1 Q: why IT network investment risk will be greater and greater

In addition to

platform for financing is to achieve success and win recognition has long service and upgrade their technology, and other network operators believe that construction projects have such an idea: the appropriate time to find a suitable investment business, sell the copyright of the website to get money, or with other related business development funds. To be sure, the idea of at least ninety-five percent of the owners in the brain. This is understandable.

current society is equivalent to the exchange of goods, as long as there are sufficient conditions, will move closer to the commercial value. However, the choice to enter the field of business, to consider a lot of problems after the thread. Affected by its industry, the contradiction between the owners and investors is very prominent. Have seen a case, a webmaster is so truthfully said, we stand there are tens of millions of users, users of commercial propaganda conversion rate is high, the potential is huge. For investors, is asking: such a high conversion rate, how much profit components of the website? What is the real effective conversion rate data? What are the direction of profitable business site? Site effective value-added services, how to set the


results can not get effective data and cases to prove. This can not blame the webmaster, of course, is not the problem of the platform, can only say that the financing risk and lack of control of the development plan of the platform. This situation, but also the most likely scenario of the current network project financing, which for investors, the risk is extremely large. This also let many investors see a fact that Internet investment is a bottomless whirlpool, once the choice is like opium, either one, or stop in time. And once the hand, the loss will be directly ignored before. In this case, it is better not to vote.

2 Q: plagiarism and innovation, seize the time to let the project out of doubt

in order to obtain financing, whether it is large or small platform platform, are trying to transform the direction of innovation. However, it is easy to expose the weaknesses of the platform’s research and development operations, especially the direction of the development of some of the most obvious platform

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