following Xu Youhong’s live record:

I hope

content to attract, it may be something not too much, I hope you have more in-depth understanding of the digital electronic commerce issues and discussion.

today my topic is to win through digital e-commerce, I would like to change this film, here to write three steps, for us, there are three steps in e-commerce. Several speakers mentioned the first stage is the supply chain to meet the customer itself, so from the logistics to meet customer demand for material, is the first step after the order. We feel you need a lot of customer analysis data, in fact, have a deeper understanding, in the end where e-commerce and traditional retail business the biggest difference? We are a lot of stores by the data, but the electronic commerce every moment you get not only the customers, but also is not to buy on your website that customer data, this is a very powerful data. Even if the customer physical stores to do the actual sales it is difficult to get the data, if the majority of customers to the site without consumption, analysis of this data to the end is the impact of online shopping mall will also affect their operation. We advocate the first step must be the focus of the analysis, with this as the basic framework for the operation of the B2C business to other parts. The first step is more important in the online business is a big difference in the data, the last is to enhance the overall operation.

I think of a very simple framework, how to make e-commerce winning, there are five concerns. First, a clear strategic vision. E-commerce is a business, my business is doing well, and this is related to e-commerce. This is a business, it must have a clear positioning of the network, including our business model, what is the business model? I use what channel, my target customers who is, how to ensure the consistency of strategy and execution, how to ensure that the internal process, if we are on the network, under the net business how to ensure that, behind the operation from the complete docking process, from the technical, performance evaluation, must have a big problem if electronic commerce or.

second, efficient customer acquisition. Two points, the first point is multi-channel sales, e-commerce in 2000 is very keen to discuss e-commerce, was you think e-commerce network will make the store down, in fact, many now see the store, including Europe and the United States mature retailers more or less every one there is no difference between every store itself there is a network of business, it is of multi channel sales. Because the customer’s request is not the same, he is not the same as the requirements of the channel and such a sales system. Second, we used to send in the store is DM, hair is the promotion, hair is selling newspaper ads. What is the difference in the online store marketing means there must be a certain degree of difference, because the master of the customer data is very different from the store. It just mentioned multiple channels, we are not unfamiliar, they in fact in the country in the past four or five years have developed very slowly, in order to "

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