Yang Ning reflect entrepreneurial pain point

as one of the earliest to get tickets for the Internet entrepreneur, Yang Ning experienced three times but did not become a gangster change radically. Over the years, the project will not be in the hands of the company and continue to adhere to, become the starting point of Yang Ning pain.

This print journalist Zou Ling

editor Xiangde hit

Tencent "the mountain will be its own destruction."

WeChat will be replaced within two or three years, like micro-blog."

said these words, Yang Ning put his head onto the sofa back, put up his legs, narrowed his eyes, like waiting for the stones into the lake ripples.

if these two words are the average entrepreneur said, people will say that he is crazy, but Yang Ning still have a bit of judgment capital. His life experiences like the ups and downs of the novels at the age of 24 with Chen Yizhou, Zhou Yunfan founded ChinaRen, a year after the age of 27 to sell; two business air network founder, after two years of listing has become the youngest president of the listed company; 36 out of third companies full-time angel investors. He thinks the Internet observation is not the same with others, "behind every great success is a factor of self destruction." He said.

said Yang Ning love Pangzhengboyin, from the Spanish Super fleet of England territory. Wang Yangming said, from the doctrine of Confucius and Mencius mind, sounds like a literary youth, this is easy to ignore his technical background, he was the technical director of the Sohu early. He did not refuse to talk about the past, and even jokes that he is the Internet community "living fossil", but he can avoid such a "knot" — if we had not sold ChinaRen, will become the China Facebook? If you stick in one direction rather than raise the sale, is now able to into the first big brother the


like this assumption will never have an answer. Now, Yang Ning think he made a choice in line with the trend of the times – the first generation of Internet cash man, started the entrepreneur behind entrepreneurs. He had mastered or still have abundant resources, but also is far away from the battlefield and users, and "angel" can make him more down to earth, and had two shots may.

"how would you describe your story with the entrepreneur?"

thought for a moment, Yang Ning replied: "a about how to put the obsession and commit the story."

opportunity and give up

Yang Ning said that his life is like heaven has given the opportunity, one or two years will give a chance to earn a lot of money, but each time he took the part of earn the least money, earn the most part is always put on

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