introduction: in summary, visibility and comments will affect the tone of deepening negative comments. So, if the visibility is not high start-up, need not fear negative comments, or even consider making public opinion to promote their own development. After all, brand awareness is the premise of everything.


note: when talking about the relationship between negative reviews and sales, most people would agree that they are inversely proportional. Wrong! This article bring you strange buyers psychological, let you understand why people see negative comments instead to buy peace of mind.

dates back to 2008 – I was still working for BigMachines (B2B), a research and development company. That year the annual customer conference is a new starting point, the company decided to invite prospective customers to participate in the general assembly. This resolution has been greatly questioned, we have never invited customers precedent, because some prospective customers may be dissatisfied with the product, and then cancel the cooperation with the company.

in the end, the resolution was implemented, the company invited some prospective customers to the scene. It is not difficult to imagine, they mercilessly pointed out the defects of our products, and even some sharp problems are put forward in the public forum. But the result was surprising — to prospective customers are now become our users.

it really makes people surprised. Surprise, we began to proceed from the data, analysis of TripAdvisor, Yelp and Amazon and other comments on the impact of B2B company. In 2011 to create the Harvard Business School ‘s Luca Michael, for example, it scores on the Yelp every star, revenue will grow by 5%-9%. This comment is power! Some entrepreneurs keenly aware of comments on the impact of sales, so they forged their own or competitor comments; according to Luca and Boston of the University of Georgios Zervas published in 2013 the follow-up studies showed that in the catering industry, at least 16% businesses fake comments.

this kind of forgery is not difficult to understand, because some B2B companies are afraid of negative comments. The company is under pressure from both inside and outside the company to maintain a positive public image. Although no studies have shown the negative impact of negative reviews on B2B software companies, it is possible to identify negative comments that could be assets of the company. For example, BigMachines’s annual customer conference, the customer was informed of the negative comments on the product but the company placed the trust and understanding.


1 "notorious" and "famous"

Walton School of business Jonah Berger team published in the New York Times

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