every year there are college graduates difficult employment problem, but this year seems particularly sad reminder. Ministry of education data show that in 2013 the size of the national ordinary university graduates will reach 6 million 990 thousand, an increase of more than 190 thousand people in 2012, once again refresh the record.

it pours, due to the decline in macroeconomic growth lower than expected and planned job number, resulting in an average number of jobs this year plans to recruit a decline of nearly 15%. Earlier, Beijing signed a contract rate of less than 3 of the news touched everyone’s nerves. Although some people think that there is no sign at the end of the 6 deadline, whether it is the most difficult in the history is still not conclusive, but there are a lot of college graduates focused on Taobao business.

e-commerce threshold is low, high survival rate, less start-up capital and flexible forms, operators do not have too much for the accumulation of goods, product distribution does not go out and distress. Sounds like, open shop business does not seem to find the right job and do not want to bite the old college graduates are better choices.

however, the author believes that college students open shop entrepreneurs are not as imagined, we will need to have the "three".

, a psychology from the college students to become God’s favored one seemingly proper job Taobao owner, daily do not their professional, trivial and complicated things, watching the students are flattered into the company or is admitted to the civil service, to accept the family "four year undergraduate white read", "how to find a decent work" nagging, how the heart suffering? But the Taobao store in the persistence and efforts, if not bear the psychological pressure will come to naught.

two, Taobao technology closed shop sparrow may be small, text, pictures and even flash information includes all kinds of products. Even if it is to make a simple picture of the baby to learn PS. In addition to the master shop decoration tools, to design the web shop, publish and update product information, and how to accept orders, arrange delivery, product return, capital return and so on are complex and cost of the brain. This is just step out of the campus, students with lofty ideals and high aspirations is always a challenge.

three, just off the operation of the shop opened nothing popular, how to shop drainage, driving sales is a big problem. Then you have to optimize the key words, in a variety of forums to do the post signature promotion, write soft Wen blog and other means of publicity. It is best to be familiar with some of the shop operators to operate tools, such as Wang Shang Yun Express single print, Wang business customers precision marketing, praise and promotion of the auxiliary tools, to be able to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Generally speaking, college students have to lay down hard and make good use of resources exhaust all the skills, and their knowledge, to be able to do shop operations.

even if these are done, does not mean that the inevitable success. With the growing maturity of e-commerce, Taobao venture has become another alternative career choice, electricity providers Ping

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