network’s first blog word-of-mouth marketing, make good products known to every family she is leading, blog marketing experts, Wuliangye cognac brand, American Red cut late · Dewey, Troy brand, Changhong group Changhong Zarva digital brand, brand, brand Nanshan milk ARCHOS blog comments sponsorship program has been well received in the industry. Bora to operation model and product experience two-way topic advertising to make money blogging profitable new flash point. I have the honor to become a member of "blog word-of-mouth marketing platform team, actively participate in Nigeria network brand marketing blog comments sponsorship program, obtained from the material and spiritual double harvest.

second, the Commission is very good grading. According to the blog blog comments sponsorship program participants (blog) quality grading, according to the Blog views, the number of entries, the number of reviews, the number of subscriptions Feed, Alexa global website ranking, Google PageRank, the search engine reverse link number of the initial evaluation, according to the Blog’s popularity, influence, audience attributes, works the difference form of artificial evaluation, different levels of membership will get different payment Review Commission, which helps to improve the enthusiasm of all participants.

third, very humane service. In addition to the transparency of the project, the Commission of the two levels of dominance, the blog blog comments sponsorship program of human services can not be ignored. There are two "help" and "online Q & a" in the participant experience platform. "Help" will be presented blog comments sponsored basic knowledge, simple operation and plan, user-friendly reminder; online quiz participants have questions or help of project activities, timely message, Deborah staff will reply within 24 hours, allowing you to experience the blog marketing platform, at the same time enjoy considerate and warm service.

fourth, similar differences >

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