1, the dream of relying on Taobao to make a fortune. In fact, whether mom or other Taobao off Taobao customer said no matter how many people say as if it were raining flowers, how much money he earned by Taobao, Taobao customers end its characteristic determines it, but only played a role in the supply chain retail salesman. Heard the salesman every month than many wholesalers? Of course, some people earn a lot of money, but not those who already have good customer resources, is through some non normal means, such as to other Taobao guest website source agency backdoor, hackers and so on. In fact, it is difficult to do Taobao shopping mall salesman, you do not even face to face with the customer to sell products are not. Therefore, in order to do a good job before Taobao passengers to maintain a good state of mind, do not ask how much money, but in which can get their own, think enough, perhaps inadvertently you can really make a lot of money.

2, Taobao guest for Taobao. If a person on the Internet every day to put all their energy to promote their product code to the network in every corner, QQ group, e-mail, blog, forum, etc.. One day he will feel very tired tired, but the effect is almost zero. A connection address, a picture, a few words of advertising can not afford to hook anyone to buy. After all, Taobao is one of the only guest, means a cyber source into money and GGAD, Baidu alliance, "no difference what the nature of the game agent. If you don’t have a good Internet relationship or a combo rate blog website, that everything you do is at best in the form of online advertising click Wangzhuan have long been characterized as no money.

3, bad eyes. Visited Taobao guest website, I want to say can too horrible to look at the site owner, who generally do not dare to drop into their own website to see. In this way, the site is full of advertising, people go in addition to ridicule it, it is impossible to buy anything through your website interest. Now available website does not require a lot of code, high technology, art foundation is not strong, do not even know HTML can do, but at least you use a ruler to display your text on the map to tidy.

4, the brain is not enough. In several Taobao customer groups, usually discuss website technology promotion method, Taobao ads flying off. If those people’s minds can be sober for a while from the frenzy of money, they will find out how stupid they are. Any a Taobao customer group of people, at least know Taobao off this thing, will you go to sign up for a Taobao customer, they want to buy things in Taobao, are not stupid enough to use your own links instead of.

5, no patience. Taobao only know a few days, a few days to get rich dream, a look at their income has not begun to complain about the world. What Ali Mama cheat, lost a single. You have to have a single may be lost, not to get a Sina blog hanging above a few ads to make money should be

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