since the bulk of the Taobao site was lost after Baidu K, a lot of Taobao customers lost confidence, and therefore may also leave the field. I was one of the 2 stations have been included in the collection, the flow of 20 thousand IP per day so that I am confident every day, and now sell to sell, throw throw away, I have to be able to do so, I have to be able to do so. There is no value, people will not miss it. Now only guest club, I am still struggling. Of course, there are reasons to work, it is really busy, too busy to take into account the update site, so that I do Mou Changqing’s disciples also chose to leave. Ali mother forum is a place I have been concerned about, a few days ago, a visit to make use of micro-blog to do Taobao guest gave me a great feeling, I suddenly felt that Taobao will be up again. I want to do it again!

a lot of friends ask me Taobao guest program which is good, Wang program now how to collect and so on, and so on, my answer is always no API program which can be included in Baidu". Unless you are unique, all the programs in the sale, there is no previous effect. These days, in the use of a king to send me a API program, it is said that no more than 6 people in use, has now begun to see results, individual friends have been included in the million. It was a good experience. I also hope to be able to collect more and more.

          we all know API program, mainly divided into home page, list page and content page. The same thing alone, must not be included. We can appropriately add content in the content page, at least the proportion of the content to be greater than the original content. Only in this way, Baidu will recognize your content in other Taobao API program content is different. At noon with Wang branch is discussed by using micro-blog API interface, embedded in the content page micro-blog content, which can not only update the content page effectively, the search engine included is also effective, interested friends can try! (Note: cannot call micro-blog, Baidu is unable to read the contents of the JS code, only through the API interface access. Every time you send a micro-blog, equal to update the page.


now there are Taobao customers in the money to do it?. The use of Baidu keyword ranking, single product keywords ranking, forum marketing, blog mass, real life leaflets Taobao purchasing, micro-blog marketing and so on. Yesterday saw Dai Renguang’s micro-blog, Taobao has begun to turn off marketing, which is a good lead. Everyone has to learn a lot of people who know that Thanksgiving should be more to come back to see, this once bustling place, which once let you earn thousands of dollars in place, the place where the dream began in the beginning of. Hope that Taobao customers will continue forever, master come out to explore.

leaves will go where the wind, leaving only a beautiful sky.

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