announcement 1: Baidu Union website full heart revision, look forward to your voice



Baidu alliance members, Hello:

version of the official website of Baidu alliance was formally launched on November 27, 2007.

version of the Baidu alliance website to provide you with a more fresh and friendly interface, the function of each set is also more reasonable, professional.

this revision is based on our user behavior and user experience and other aspects of doing a long time on the basis of the investigation, designed to facilitate users to easily and quickly get a one-stop experience.

in addition, the launch of the new version may have some shortcomings, we are very welcome to make valuable suggestions.

is now going to participate in the new version of the Baidu alliance user experience survey: Id=1499& viewres=0& viewpage=0


Baidu Alliance – to help partners achieve success in their respective fields.

Baidu union development from


announcement 2:10 month divided into payment completed

2007-11-26 notice 3: pay attention to the experience of members to enhance the value of the service

respected Baidu union members, hello:

10 month into Baidu alliance has paid off! Please check.

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