what is the best way to make money for a blog? Is it a topic advertisement? Referral? Or Adsense?. Because the problem itself is wrong.

the right question should be "what is the best way to make money for your blog?"


blog has on the cover and contain everything, and there is also a discussion of life. Some people love to talk about super girl, people love to chat Google. Some blog traffic is very large, a few thousand IP a day, more like I have always regretted the space to buy a small blog. The treatment requires an antidote against the disease, blogging is the same, the most suitable way to find the profit of your blog is the key to making money.

take my own example, the day before yesterday, I announced my earnings, which ranked first in the referral fee, the least is Adsense advertising fees. This is determined by the flow characteristics of the previous blog.

blog before the flow is very small, so Adsense can not make money. Although there are 4 PR, but Alexa ranked low, so the price is not high when selling links. My topic advertising is generosity, and both at home and abroad, and finally let him close to second.

is the first referral fee, from TLA and Adsense recommended registration. Why? Because most of the previous blog readers are blogs, many have their own domain name space. These people will register TLA. There are also some bloggers who will sign up for Adsense. This is the biggest difference between me and others. Go to Sina to find a super girl write blog, even if he is older than I flow ten times, he did not recommend to TLA and Adsense. The content and the content of the previous blog attract readers to decide that they are suitable for the previous blog. And in the case of my current scarcity, they can be said to be the most suitable for me.

want to bring their own blog to bring the benefits of friends, trying all the profit is a way to pass. But if you can find the most suitable for their own profit through the analysis of the flow of their blog readers, not only save time and effort?

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