night insomnia, considering a lot of problems, like whether he will continue to insist on doing it, quickly lose confidence really, Baidu K, GG account has also been K. While watching the ball, while the Internet to see an article, translated, look at the success of others, hope to like me soon the collapse of the owners a little reason to go on.

the following is my translation, the English is good to see the original


for a whole year since my site Adsense the basic income is stable with an average $400 / day (by 400*365$– yesterday, Xiao Wu!) income has finally reached the 500 knife. Want to share the good news with you, you in the process I do in the station to.

to help me a lot

I know many of the people here are not Adsense, but believe me, for a better website webmaster, it may be the best way to Wangzhuan.

we started to do Adsense in 2004, when my idea is that every month the 30 American knife is very satisfied. (do not laugh, this is really our real idea, because we are too food.)

our company has two full-time employees to a part-time (yes, Adsense is not our hobby, we and many companies, it is regarded as a cause to do.) to try to create the best content for visitors. Our advertising budget is close to 0, never take the time to forum posting promotional or exchange Links like… We believe that if you have a good website content, link comes naturally (this sentence is too good, Xiao Wu).

I visited

station each month is 2 million (do not know is IP or pv–, 90% from Google Takeshi) search and old users. (yes, only Google, we don’t think that Yahoo and MSN is the search engine, never a waste of time to care about where the ranking of


for those who want to make money by doing stand webmaster, my advice is to try your best to the website." there is no shortcut to success, " where is the truth. Of course, like many companies, we have ups and downs (drop, click rate is low, access is not stable and so on) but in the end, if you really for those of you who want to find useful information in your website visitors sake, you will succeed.

translation finished, the European Cup is in full swing. Turkey scored 2 goals in a row, 0:2 behind the situation even pull the ball, seems to be telling me, insisted that victory in front of.


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