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venture capital financing a variety of news frequently come, let people itch. One of only thirteen people on-line IOS only a few days of vertical social networking site A announced a $100 million round of valuation of two times 1 years; the network financing valuation of nearly 800 million yuan; our financing for $70 million; haha carpool won millions of dollars B round of financing…. entrepreneurs joked, usually slightly reliable point of the project or entrepreneurs later, have a lot of VC waiting in the queue for money.

according to statistics krypton 36, August 25th -31, within a week, there were 37 domestic and foreign investment and financing events, including 28 domestic and foreign 9, also including 10 cases of M & a events.

red dot from the risk of finishing the data show that the domestic only from May last year to this year in August, there are 69 intelligent Hard Suits Inc or platform to obtain financing, which does not include the company has not been disclosed. In addition, online education and Internet banking is also a major investment in the past two years.

angel or seed stage financing obtained is even beyond count. Entrepreneurial magic Institute for 90 Internet entrepreneurs F90 incubator, only the most recent month, it invested 10 projects. Because it is the seed period, the amount of each project is only 20-50 million, accounting for less than 10% of the equity entrepreneur. Founder and CEO entrepreneurial magic Lu Wei, but that the future will be even hotter, we strive for a year to invest in 200-300 projects".

venture into the universal angel and everywhere VC era, the company’s high valuation come from?

VC crazy throwing money behind: a large fund line fund

what caused the current TMT industry investment boom

excessive hot money is the core.

CRE Capital Partners Xiong Weiming of NetEase said the first funds this year to melt a new capital, generally the first year will take 40% of the money voted out.

the entire U.S. economic recovery and open the window, but also to stimulate the investment boom. Analysis of redpoint Morningstar senior analyst Xie, the environment becomes a good three factors directly affect the capital market investment boom. First, the market economy has fully recovered, investors holding optimistic attitude to the U.S. economy, the U.S. stock price doubled from last year to this year overall, the highest point in the end of March this year. Second, open the window; listing last year, there are 10 stocks listed in the United States, the first half of this year there are 8 listed, September will usher in the market value of the largest technology company listed Alibaba; third, market frontline funds are melting into a new sum of money, including IDG, Jingwei, Qiming, Shun, GGV, blue Chi, these funds need to be in two to three years will invest these funds out, even millions of dollars a year investment demand.

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