we present common forms of online advertising are: CPA, CPM, CPC, PPC, PPL and so on. Recently, a PPP in the United States (pay-per-play) of the new advertising.NetAudioAds (PPP) (Pay-Per-Play is a kind of audio advertising hereinafter referred to as PPP) is a representative of.PPP which is based on voice2page (Voice2Page is online voice tool, a very rich application through a variety of ways and means to record your voice, and released to the personal website, Blog or social network platform. Content can include things to do, a sudden idea, information presentation, simple PodCast, or even eBay on the product description, are fully applicable. Users only need to dial a phone, you can automatically record voice messages, and then compressed into MP3 released to the specified page management and update is very convenient) recording system to complete this part of the work of.

PPP also has a system similar to the Google AdWords and Google AdSense. But the difference is that PPP can make each website traffic into income. The flow have income. The webmaster for the publisher of PPP, and then get a similar GOOGLE ADSENSE code. The code on your website and when someone visits your site, PPP will start playing a 5 second audio advertising. Then you will have the process of income. It is so simple. But the advertisement in February 1st 08 listed. Only support English station, but Chinese station can now apply for.

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