news: Baidu fans (thanks to the scholar brother remind) 2007 Baidu World Conference will be held in Beijing on August 9th. "Baidu world" is held once a year by the Baidu Inc for users, customers and partners of the industry event, as the world’s largest Chinese website, Chinese the widest coverage, the biggest impact of new media, Baidu is the new media to the powerful influence of changing the way people access to information, thus changing people’s way of life.

the conference invited guests are: Kotler Consulting Group (KMG) chairman Milton Kotler, the Nasdaq stock market, general manager of the company vice chairman Michael Oxley, vice president Ma Zhihong, President of Greater China, Ericsson Intel’s sales and marketing department Chinese region Yang Xu, NOKIA (Chinese) Investment Limited company president Zhao Kelin the United States, the Walton School of business at Pennsylvania State University finance professor Lang Xianping, Chinese University Hong Kong Professor Dr. iResearch limited company president Yang Weiqing Department of finance. According to KissBaidu understand that this conference will release a new Baidu products.


09:38-09:45 government leader
09:47-10:30 "for the China world-class leading enterprise forum forum guests:
Kotler Consulting Group (KMG) chairman Milton Kotler
financial department of Chinese University Hong Kong Robin Li;
11:26-12:00 />11:04-11:26 launches "new media trend" speech

"new consumption trend"

vice president of the "new marketing trend" of Baidu business operation:
Shen Haoyu president of iResearch company: Yang Weiqing

the strong effect of age "

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