Today, after landing the Baidu union background, found some things to upgrade, give us more choices,

dear affiliate,

is pleased to inform you that Baidu search products and theme promotion product code has been fully upgraded!


search box

1, the use of Baidu as a key word list recommended to increase the amount of search.

2, provides the station search and other Baidu channel search options feature to enhance the user experience.

3, provides a new customizable search box style, and simplify the code download method.

note: the new search box style has been completed to replace the old style, to maintain the full compatibility of the old style, users do not need to re access code.

rich theme promotion code:

The new

15 sets of different sizes of advertising templates on the line, you can log in the background – alliance to promote the theme area to get the latest code to have a try.

Baidu alliance development from

we can take a look at the landing, indeed more choices, it should be pretty good

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