2014 food and beverage industry report has come out, there is no doubt that the fact: and the traditional restaurant industry downturn in the face of anti, online catering industry is growing at an annual rate of more than 25%. Takeaway platform to shuffle stage, and really open up the consumers and catering businesses as well as the third party (or catering service provider platform software) O2O model is also wildly beating gongs and drums layout.

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environment tells us: O2O in the catering industry is sailing in the teeth of the storm, it is easy to be drowned.

to see a telecom operator yesterday, we can sit together, because of its wisdom catering suddenly very interested, said a little is interested in intellectual economy, finally fall into the wisdom of catering. For example, to provide the WiFi environment for the restaurant, although this is not on the wisdom of life, but also to the operator and the wisdom of the economy hanging hook. "Wisdom economy" is another name for "O2O" at the government level. Online registration with the official saying that the wisdom of health, fast taxi is the wisdom of travel, the phone is a smart meal meals, which are included in the field of intelligent economy. Build smart city, can be said to be a national and local government expectations and goals. Operators focus on the wisdom of the restaurant, can not do without the support of the national government.

is also on that afternoon, city express reporter asked me to interview the company. Since June this year, the traditional newspaper took out an entire page, each report and the wisdom of life related economic trends.

I just want to borrow these two examples of what happens in a day, how much the external environment is concerned about O2O or the wisdom of the economy. Probably from the beginning of October, I often receive from all over the country’s media interviews, talk about the economic wisdom, wisdom catering to this thing. This is also an external situation.

Hangzhou is a smart restaurant advertised in the restaurant, three months down, after the media exposure of the countless times, now the daily traffic is two times more than before, also be the travel arrangements for a project of Hangzhou tourism experience, not the thirty moment required to join people. Do not say this restaurant in the end is not wisdom wisdom, here would like to illustrate that the external environment of the wisdom of the economy of this industry’s attention, no doubt has a great role in promoting.

catering industry will face an opportunity to seize it and make good use of it, now is the best time, but also the most challenging period. The test is not only food and beverage companies, as well as to provide catering services to a variety of O2O Internet platform, as well as the wisdom of the restaurant to provide information management companies, etc..

internal environment: the thinking of the restaurant business driven by the change of

said the internal situation of the food and beverage industry, look at the Internet or O2O to the restaurant industry has brought about changes. In fact, today the concept of "O2O" has been

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