has been known as a part-time website. It is difficult to do a part-time job site, some people will have some problems to scold you.

offers low pay for work, others will scold.

business settlement is not timely, others also curse.

work is not serious, businesses do not give money, but will be called the pour dog’s blood on.

Why does

do this? It’s still a part – time job site. And the part-time workers earn less. As an intermediary you charge the cost of his income is often 1/3. So there are problems, of course, to curse.

often visit Post Bar friends will certainly find some products or company Post Bar perennial vituperative. Netcom is the classic or telecommunications bar. This is the current status of China’s Internet: something good, very few people go online to spend time to praise you. And if you do not do well, others will think of the first online posting curse you.

well then. I won’t let you pay. I’m offering you free information. Even if there are one or two information that the one or two person is not satisfied, it will not provoke scold. On this basis, the accumulation of a stable user base, and a relatively good reputation. On the basis of free, expand some of the other charges, such as to pay VIP members to provide a higher treatment of part-time. This will enable some of the members to become a member of the stable membership. At the same time through the collection of user groups, you can also get income from the business.

is currently part of our part-time website to worry about the blog as a free platform to provide part-time. Provide part-time jobs for college students and friends who have free time. We are able to provide part-time information within the scope of their own, all the information is provided free of charge. Of course, the release of information is free. We use free to cultivate the market, looking for a good result.

in fact, a lot of the operation of the profit model can do some groundbreaking attempt. Free or other means to cultivate the market, the cake bigger, so that the chance to eat a lot of cake. Say so much, I wish you a lot of traffic!

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