Co founder, the

of 32 years old, had a brain tumor and malignant tumor.

to say the least, the days of the months have been hard. Ronnie Castro is not only my best friend, but also a business partner. Whether it is work or study, from personal feelings and even the help of the enterprise, the author is concerned that this is a deep hurt.

our friendship began 12 years ago Standford was in a Frisbee golf club first met, after we found each other views on the basketball game and the Dick Vital (ESPN basketball commentator). Finally, we founded the first high-tech enterprises in the dormitory, although no success, but we the first venture of the company for $60 million acquisition. After five years, Ronnie joined the Google Corporation, and set up a Adwords optimization team; and I, then to Seattle.

about a year ago, we met again and co founded Porch. It’s a dream for me to work with my best friends, solve practical problems, and make the world a better place in a sustainable way. This wonderful work life has been extended until March of this year. Ronnie headache dizziness: nuclear magnetic resonance, into a four inch tumor, followed by a 17 hour brain surgery.

is it serious? Ronnie is 32 years old. He looks very healthy. He has just had a baby. When he was in surgery, the child was still sleeping in the cradle of the child.

sat in the hospital waiting for the news of his friends, so that each of us stopped and began to think about life and work. Of course we are very dependent on Ronnie, and do what we can to make the work to continue to carry out, he returned to the company, should have everything arranged in good order. In order to achieve this, we decided to do some addition, subtraction, and multiplication.


One of the first things about

is to add 15 naughty and clever interns. If the enterprise gives students a clear purpose, they can have a huge impact on your business. Interns tend to have a great desire for business influence and meaningful work. Startups are an important springboard for any intern’s career.

interns not only to help companies in terms of cost, and, while we wait for the results of the diagnosis of Ronnie disease, interns also solve some of the things that were originally responsible for Ronnie. Review of the past, interns for enterprises is definitely a commendable resource, they are less risky, and if properly arranged, and the common development of enterprises.


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