in the A5 forum held before the advertising alliance survey activities, after the owners of the vote and comments, we can see the Google advertising alliance is still the most common Chinese Adsense, the preferred advertising alliance. This is because the Google advertising alliance with the U.S. dollar clearing, using the advantage of the U.S. dollar against the RMB exchange rate advantage relative to the webmaster more attractive, while advertising and website content, and click on the unit price higher than other alliance; on the other hand, is due to the Google advertising alliance with its years of operation has gained credibility the majority of owners trust, with high visibility and high credibility so as many webmaster early in the website development will generally choose the advertising alliance.

In the process of

put Google advertising alliance, some owners will find does not seem to be as everyone says its advertising price is relatively high, sometimes it will click on the low price to $0.01-0.03 between the phenomenon, there are many when traffic is up, but did not increase with the click rate, in the face of this situation inevitably lead to a crisis of confidence as for Google, doubt whether the legendary so good. In fact, the existence of these phenomena by some advertising advertisers intentionally use cheap keyword advertising, advertising for some do not know how to optimize the webmaster, it is easy to show these low-cost advertising on the site, they are cheaper, they missed a lot of opportunities for high click. Therefore, the Google advertising, must be combined with its characteristics and the characteristics of the site targeted advertising optimization, in order to get better results.

in general, for the optimization of advertising mainly concentrates in three aspects, one is to optimize the position of advertising, according to the website layout of most visitors love the most prone to browse, click to place the targeted delivery, two is to optimize the keywords, to filter some cheap keywords. The layout of the site content in addition to three words, is to maintain statistical data on the use of tools, understand and master some cheap advertising sources, low price to actively use the filter system to filter out the advertisement. In the specific operation, we can start from the following four aspects.

one, optimize the placement of advertising positions.

portal information and web site forums page composition is different, so visitors to the site content is interested in the location and prone to click position is also different. In the prone position on advertising, you can consider yourself as visitors, on the other hand can also go to do some relatively large and successful advertising alliance site, see where they are, in general we put more position is often proved more likely to click on the position. In addition, according to the description of some Google tutorials, and other webmasters experience, we can summarize what is a good advertising position, and constantly optimize their site advertising position, at the same time >

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