you QQ alliance Webmaster:

Hello everyone! QQ league’s new on-line product "mobile Qzone/ super yellow diamond, percentage of 6 yuan / month! Welcome to the webmaster, to get the code and put in the background.

product main function:

1, open the Canary


3, write a message log        
you whenever and wherever possible mood and feelings of the text record, easily published message log!  


5, see friends space        

6, visit


promotion recommendations:

QQ alliance to promote the product belongs to CPS billing promotion, according to experience, a simple advertising is often unable to get a good promotional effect. We recommend that through the soft Wen + advertising model promotion, both rich content of the site, but also through the product to attract users to attract real order. Recommended soft:

opened a super yellow diamond, enjoy the privileges of the nobility, my Qzone


flower vine withered? Now the super yellow diamond, receive flower vine nutrition!  

using mobile Qzone, updates space, visit, reply, at any time!  

open mobile Qzone, anytime, anywhere on the Qzone, write logs, send photos!


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