note: VC money is a double-edged sword, can enhance the company’s pace of development at the same time, may also direct control of this company is ruined, Chen Ge is particularly impressive, Jujing music network is the entrepreneurial process The imprint is engraved on my heart. lesson. In the book "lessons" Tencent science and technology conference, WOW intelligent headset founder Chen Ge in view of the Top100 failure experience, to remind entrepreneurs first to fight for power, have control of the company.

the following is a summary of Chen Ge live speech summary, from Tencent Technology:

entrepreneur power supreme

as an entrepreneur, the first to fight for is power is the power. The whale is my first venture company, I actually hold about 40% of the shares in the establishment of the company.

first, as an entrepreneur must have the power to finance, which is very important. As a founder, there is one thing that can not be abandoned, that is, as the founder and the power of CEO. That is to say, when all people quarrel in a complete mess, you have complete authority to make a decision.

power is supreme, is an entrepreneur, CEO supreme, must strive for.

as I said to the angel of shareholders, shareholders or shareholders AC A round today, only two place I can stay in the team, one is CEO, one is CFO, I would never allow investors and shareholders to interfere with my team power. Because that COO, AP and so on is my job, is an entrepreneur and CEO, the founder should do, so this power is special, especially important.

so the power of the founders should be placed in the first place, in the shareholders’ meeting, the board of directors of the decision, the founder must control, control is the last person can say. My experience and lessons are basically in line with China’s national conditions, in line with China’s culture, in the case of 95%.

company in seven years time we missed numerous investment opportunities and independent development opportunities. We build a strong team, because there is no stock, no ammunition, no power, and then in real distress, there is no way to make decisions.

"bangdakuan" should be


entrepreneurs need to pay attention to is the "bangdakuan", we have made such a mistake at the time near Google. Google music project was the 22 engineer, is the world’s largest business of Google, the team pinned up, including opening, Guo Quji (micro-blog), Lin Bin, we are very concerned about this project.

After the withdrawal of Google

but China things out, some of them have continued to withdraw, I put it. Because I was the last one to withdraw, at the time of the street lamp, Lin Bin told me, "now you want to withdraw, to set up a new company, there is no interest"

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