The 25 day, the theme of "reflection 2006 2007" interactive tour and Kang Sheng 2007 laggards six anniversary celebration party webmaster forum held in Beijing, the conference attracted more than eight hundred owners and companies to participate, unprecedented.

will, click technology CEO Wang Zhidong, the Qihoo President Zhou Hongyi, laggards owners Dong Qinfeng and Sequoia Capital director dollars more and many Internet pioneers made a wonderful speech. Among them, known as angel investors Zhou Hongyi particularly eye-catching, how to attract personal investment in the point of view of how to win the round of applause.

first, concentrate on work, less to finance

      Zhou Hongyi: others say fry fry into shareholders, I am investment into employees. Come today no speech, everyone posting is very good, I have not even squeeze on the sofa, poured some water.

      many owners are concerned about how to do finance, but I want to pour some cold water. I personally feel that the more you want to deal with VC, the more you want to find angel investment company, the less likely to wish. Our company may not each have become Sina, into a Sohu, here is Man proposes, God disposes. The success of the company to have luck and opportunity, but at the beginning not utilitarian, not just to the market, in order to get rich.

      I see the investment process of the company, a strong feeling that they found a real problem, they can create value through their technology and products to help others solve problems, they are very interested in this matter, the company may not be done very large, but very some meaning, this company can only be truly rooted in the internet. For example, I want to discount, if you want to start at the beginning to solve the problem of female users want to buy fashion, and cheap, really meet this point, there is value. As for the value of the future is to do big, Human effort is the decisive factor. While some companies, despite a lot of money, although what they do hot, but often not so good value.

      I was the first to support the thunder, did not think of him today. At that time, we want to download software and entertainment, the need for a download tool, often a simple idea can change the world. So, you really want to succeed, we must ask ourselves, is not really interested in doing this thing, is not love this thing, and this thing is not really create value? The last thing can do much, God said, also depends on luck. So, you don’t want to change, if you do something, you will find the money.

two, venture capital is not just money

      recently I’ve seen a number of forums on the Internet to discuss venture capital, and many people are investing in