text: Niu Wenwen editor: Liu Xiang source: it is known that the theme salon salon speech

core view:

1, start this thing no climax, only foreplay, people praise me two, certainly behind the thought, certainly behind why I want to praise, when criticism, licking the face alive;

2, the future of the media is divided into four layers, the first layer is called content, the user called the second layer, called the relationship between the third layer, called the revenue of the fourth layer;

3, in the Chinese society, do not look like indifference to find warmth, warmth in your heart, into and defeat is a process, you fall and then fall;

4, we want to be an innovation fund, advertising all free, the release of all channels, magazines do not sell, the magazine itself is a souvenir, every magazine is a world.


"Cheng and defeat is a process, you fall and then fall"

Shen tone, I agree that the best way to solve their troubles is to engage in their own (Entrepreneurship). Thanks to this time we can do it ourselves, the capitalists and the government don’t get us to do it ourselves.

so, when the threshold of entrepreneurs to start down to a level with the open shop, we can engage in their own. At that time, I didn’t understand that the American talk show host could become a billionaire. Thanks to China, if you want to do something, you can use your charm and personality. In this era of excessive consumption of goods, to find a cut can be getting better and better, more and more, I really feel that this is the five years of cultural and media people to start their own good times.

I have two ideas to say: the first aspect is related to entrepreneurship, the second thing is related to the format. May be here from the beginning of 08 years of entrepreneurship, I count the first. No matter how successful people must have many toss you think, let you half alive.

take me as an example. Entrepreneurship is not smooth at all, go for a period of time there will be waiting for you. "Entrepreneurs" five years of warmth, but also left a scar. Something bad happens, we have to learn to accept. For example, if one day how the capital side, in case of a day what kind of colleagues, in case of how the tax…… All of this is coming, you just need to be ready for your attitude."

I told Wang Shi about this and he laughed and said, "you’re on the way".

sometimes you doubt yourself, think the world is unfair to him, this mentality is bad for entrepreneurs. We feel that they are social elite, because sometimes the society is very flattering us. I have been working with Chinese entrepreneurs for ten years before starting a business, and if I do something myself, I will give you a little face