from university booming flea market is not difficult to see, many students do not care to buy a second-hand goods does not affect the use, while some students are willing to put their idle goods transfer out. Each year, a large number of second-hand goods are produced, including a large number of reference books, computers, digital products, and some very convenient living things. When we graduated, the book is sold in a sack of a pound, the computer and other items are two months in advance of the transfer of posts.

was a classmate of the same session we chose to do poineering work, is the acquisition of graduates of the book, and then make a trading platform on the Internet through the website, sold or rented to students. He made a lot of how much I do not know, but I certainly do a lot harder than I earn GGAD, and do not worry about the problem of site traffic. The students at the beginning of the day before graduation, down from the second-hand computer and notebook, many graduates go home or go somewhere else, without computer sold, some graduate emergency money, the notebook also sold. One of my classmates in our dormitory, in the second year bought a second-hand IBM notebook, is a graduate of Tsinghua going abroad on sale, 9 into new, very good notebook, everyone said she picked up a great deal, because only 1500 to buy, use the no fault 41 later, the 1500 sold out.

I was late leaving, see the dormitory management to pick up the empty dorm aunt all those left behind things ah ah pot pot, and then get the workers gathered near the school market to sell an estimated term will also sell a small 1000 block.

if a little money can consider doing graduate computer recycling, as well as some, what the new Walkman headset, is a very good customer.

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