as a webmaster friends said that the masses have sharp eyes, if I said one popcorn is garbage alliance or problem is to do a lot of popcorn stationmaster in BS ing, at least in part by visible stationmaster alliance popcorn garbage "impolite" treatment.

if there are people who say good things about popcorn League, this is not normal, not only to deceive themselves, but also to make the new owners deceived.

first, look at my comments in the last few articles:

1, "I’ll tell you what I do most rubbish several Union: the first is the popcorn, deduction amount is very serious, to find reasons for refusal of payment. Second is the eFriendsNet alliance, new registered account does not deduct the amount, a few days later, less than half the amount at once, but love titles, titles will pay for advertising. The third is the so-called League, major league titles, what do post default, available online. Fourth is the network alliance and their agents kuxun alliance, the alliance is estimated that the deduction amount, union collapse, the September Commission is not paid, originally a lot of customer service, are now gone, leaving a customer service now, attitude is not particularly bad, love to ignore, a telephone on site can not get through, the * * * financial called happy meters is missing."

2, the first encounter such a shameless rubbish union "

3, "temporarily popcorn comment, my advertising costs nearly 1000 yuan (1 months) before payment, is said to have suspected of cheating, the need to review, I wonder, I 5-6 million IP, this advertisement also said I am cheating! I do stand there for a couple of years, the size of the Union had no number, no one has ever said alliance me cheating, no union seal my account, including GG Baidu alliance! Is the first popcorn that I have suspected of cheating and other audit results after his alliance!"


4, "super garbage pit me more than 4 thousand dollars, MD said, you do not give money to the illegal provisions, I can not fully show their code. Just shut up my ID I CAO "

5, I just slightly changed the size of the ad (in order to be more harmonious with the site), they said I cheated, I pulled a few hundred dollars. Customer service is "indifferent", do not give others the opportunity to correct

! "

6, super big garbage

7, "support you, buckle too serious"

8, support for LZ on the third floor of the popcorn union really garbage, not the general garbage!

9, popcorn is the most junk union

10, TMD is approaching the settlement of an e-mail to solve the more you want to get angry,

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popcorn Alliance

1, "helpless, encounter liar alliance" source: webmaster >