Since the launch of Taobao

with Ali mother off, a lot of people flocked to the industry, the first Taobao many users still do not know what is the nature of this industry, but with more hype, every Taobao users should know what it was, and the bottom in the Taobao personal center has an obvious the label is "I want to make money" – point into a look is all small owners are trying to profit the guest".

many online posting, including in stationmaster net post, "Taobao money off" Taobao customer experience "earn gold experience" and "Taobao guest ten tutorial" "ten days to do Taobao off, but soft in the middle, finally, are deliberately their website links inside of course, master in the day and inadvertently put in, think of these people know perfectly logical and reasonable, we are pulling traffic, is doing promotion, is published in the so-called original, in fact, is not the interests of the chain of


Internet Society of course is "sharing" Society — I always agree with, but it is rare that the spirit of the people, especially in the interests of the face, you say? Now do Taobao off most people, a link to a picture of a line of code, attached to the back of it is money.

money online a lot, but that does not make money is less and less, the morning to see an article on Taobao off unprofitable reports, the results below a total of 43 people vote against the 100%, that is not a person that it does not make money, but in addition to the few number, and who earned, and few have become the past, at first thought Ali mother trusted, billboard credible? Do you know who is behind the money people? Do you know what data is true? Please go to Amoy Ali mother some speech, to do publicity, but the purpose is to let these people behind they continue to make money, continue to stir other people, Taobao good goods rely on you to give me a grocery, sell, the more the better, I’ll give you some money! (no less than


abacus hits are very noisy, but always remember that people are playing their own small abacus

!I respect

Internet sharing, encountered such admiration, I top, I have been in the effort, but the name of the cover for sharing what can think what, map, or even misleading and deliberately misleading is too shameful!

said the Internet is to make unremitting efforts, in order to make unremitting efforts on electronic commerce is too fake, too much, but for themselves, in order to have a little dream, we should go to the truth, and it is imperative to


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