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investigate illegal shop warehouse.

yesterday morning, reporters from Nanjing Pukou police that the police seized a four-star crown shop and selling. The shop in the name of "tail goods", low-cost selling fake international brands of clothing, at the same time to send comments from cash, will take care of their own shop emerged as the "four crown", the average daily shipments of more than and 100, a total value of more than million yuan. Currently, the shop has been shut down, while the suspect shop owner Lin suspected of selling counterfeit registered trademark of goods crime, criminal coercive measures have been taken by the police.

residents reflect: District abnormal household business is very busy

not long ago, the Pukou Public Security Bureau Taishan village police station to bridge north of a residential area residents received visits, the report said, in the residential rental households, every afternoon there are several people busy packing and packing, often busy late into the night until dawn. The second day early in the morning, there will be a variety of courier companies to open a number of trucks, the package will be packed. In addition to packaging and packaging, usually the door of this household has been closed.

subsequently, the police investigation found that the rental house has 4 to 5 young people, the room was full of boxes filled with clothes. Boss Lin said that she and her husband together to run a shop, business is good, these parcels are sent to buyers around the. The police found no suspicious circumstances at the scene of what, so in accordance with the box logo, copy a number of brand back to the police station for registration.

police investigation: "tail goods" are all fake

Internet query about the police investigation found, can be found in the copied several brands online, one of the most famous is the number of high-end brand 100 "and owned by South Korea", but these are Lin’s flagship brand shop.


police in the browse Lin Taobao shop, found a modest shop, turned out to be a "four-star crown" of the seller, a high degree of credibility, the same amazing sales.

the police investigation found that many of the customers in the shop to ask "is really a seller?" Lin responded that the selling is genuine, is the last single. Through the investigation, the police found that these malls counters hundreds of thousands of dollars a piece of clothing, in Lin here only in accordance with the price of 2-4 fold sales.

police will find abnormal information to the local quality supervision departments at the same time, contact the "100" in Shanghai Chinese general agent, the company immediately sent rushed to Nanjing, according to the company, "a" is a famous international brand, although in the domestic foundries, but they are in accordance with the specified number of production.

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