Baidu alliance members, Hello:

in the active participation of members of the alliance, the 2007 annual Baidu alliance customer service satisfaction survey lasted more than a month, a total of nearly ten thousand members to participate, once again expressed gratitude to the above users!

this satisfaction survey is a special survey of Baidu alliance services, the investigation involves Baidu alliance service projects, service attitude, service response, service levels and other services related content.

through the investigation, we deeply feel the majority of union members concerned about Baidu Alliance Services and care, many members of the fill in the questionnaire at the same time, also put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions. After careful analysis, we re adjust the service strategy, launched the three service commitments to protect the interests of the alliance members.

to thank the alliance member to participate in the membership list, we surveyed in a random sample of 10 "active participation Award" and 3 elected members, "the best advice Award" membership. The winning list is now published as follows (ranking):

Active Participation Award

user name reward

pied 88 integral

toontong 88 integral

fei2r 88 integral

dpdbbs 88 integral

zlunwen 88 integral

fearwall 88 integral

aaichinasz 88 integral

eduxp 88 integral

woshidazhu 88 integral

inejob 88 integral

best advice award

user name reward

netdust 588 integral

pay500 588 integral

51hdy 588 integral

Warm reminder: 1, the

alliance has bonus points issued to members of the alliance on the above account, please note that check.

2, if you have any feelings and want to say when accepting the union service, you can participate in the "Baidu alliance service satisfaction survey" at any time, the satisfaction survey as union members on our long-term effective evaluation of service quality.

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