lead: screenwriter and director Wei Zheng Wang often lamented, "love apartment" outbreak and the Internet are inseparable, the Internet is to "love apartment" opened a slim chance of survival.


a set of network data is sufficient to explain the "love apartments" hot –

January 2014 "love apartments" Season 4 landing screen and network. The whole network premiere on 150 million hits, exceeded 300 million times within 48 hours of TV series of the same name Post Bar cumulative posting over 26 million 600 thousand, overwhelmingly ranked the first mainland TV series Post Bar. Baidu index peak is epoch-making as high as 4 million 706 thousand, more than all the TV series before and column.

, in a sense, this is a typical cultural product, although the cost is not high, no big production with big stars, but popular hot, earns considerable — "love apartment" in the fourth quarter revenue of more than one hundred million. This silly "first oratorio, exactly how to make


sun and meteor

is also a writer and a director of Wei Zheng, a graduate of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. During the 2004 two school, when the campus is very popular DV movie, love the drama of two brothers originally, the students put up a team, try to make a campus comedy film "my sun".

unexpectedly, this ziyuzile original film even rage, not only released in various colleges and universities in the full field, also won many awards, director Wong Kar Wai also yaret awards. However, this is one of the two most memorable experiences, in order to raise funds for the movie, they found master Green Tea, drew a few thousand dollars sponsorship fee and 80 boxes of Green Tea beverage. In return, the film was implanted with green tea advertising.

is now looking back, "my sun" is really for Wang and Wei is pushing a door. Whether it is commercial operation, and the story style, later on in the limelight of the "love apartment" is "my sun" shadow.

in 2005, after graduating from the University of Wang founded Gog culture communication company, through the operation of star concert, make a pot of gold. But his dream is still film and television creation. The concert will be done again, or those stars, and I have no half dime relationship."

about two years later, Wang Wei Zheng far persuaded to resign from the Shanghai film group to join us. The best partner together again, the transformation of Gog film and television production, two people spent millions of dollars on filming "my sun" companion "meteor" reversal.

, however, the real market is completely different from the campus. Although the "reverse meteor" got the show license, but because the team and the actors are unknown, the film itself is not enough commercial, the issuer directly told Wang far and Wei Zheng: "this movie simply no selling, no movie theaters will show you the film. >

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