lead: Larry Page led the world’s most successful, the most forward thinking companies. If you want to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, then take a look at his 5 commandments".


Larry Page is 41 years old this year, he led the world’s most successful, most forward-looking thinking company. Google was originally a doctoral research project of Stanford University, and now they have is a set of search, artificial intelligence, robotics, hardware, ISP, retail, express, media and other services in one of the tech giants. Of course, we know that these achievements were not achieved overnight.

if you want to go on the road of entrepreneurship, then check out the following five (from Larry Page in 2002 in a speech at Stanford University, Page to entrepreneurs said, Google is based on the five commandments developed)

1 emphasis on talent

work is still about people. After all, the company needs to rely on people to build their own future, if the people who come in is incompetent, and even very hateful, then you will be very difficult to achieve your goals.

Page said that Google is very lucky, the beginning of the people are very good, although recruiting top talent is not an easy thing. Google has spent more than a year to Eric Schmidt (Eric · Schmidt woo), eventually the experienced executives agreed to join Google in 2001 (ten years from 2001 to 2011 he served as Google CEO). Google’s patience has paid off, and in the ten years since Schmidt took over as chief executive of and led Google, Google has grown from an emerging start-up to one of the most successful companies in the world.

"must have the best people," Page said. "It’s very important… How many times is not enough." So, when recruiting people, be sure to be wise.

2 become expert

spend some time learning a major. Do your due diligence. As an industry expert may take several years, but once you know the problem of the sequence of events, will be easier to define hope tracking problems, and find solutions. And being an expert will make it easier for you to lead a team.

finally, whether staff opponent, or to obtain funds to investors, you have to let them know that he is a real expert in the field of industry.

3 set a reasonable and impossible target

third commandments, in fact, is the extension of the first article, Page said, set some reasonable, but it is difficult to complete the goal, will help your company go further.

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