a, first of all, what is the advertising alliance. Advertising alliance, usually refers to the network advertising alliance. Amazon in 1996 through this new way, for tens of thousands of sites to provide additional sources of income, and become the main survival of the network SOHO. At present, in our country, the alliance marketing is still in the embryonic stage, although some individuals or enterprises began to get involved. This area, but the scale is not large, the general network marketing staff and network management personnel on the alliance marketing is still relatively strange.

advertising alliance includes three elements: advertisers, website owners and advertising alliance platform. Advertisers in accordance with the actual effect of online advertising (such as sales, guidance, etc.) to the site owners to pay reasonable advertising costs, saving marketing expenses, improve marketing quality. Site owners through the advertising alliance platform to choose the right advertisers and advertisers to increase revenue through advertising, while saving a large number of online advertising sales costs, easy to turn the site into revenue.

is currently in China’s reputation and strength are better advertising alliance: Baidu advertising alliance, Google advertising alliance, Ali mother alliance.

Baidu advertising alliance http://s.union.baidu.com

Google advertising alliance http://s.adsense.google.com

Ali mother advertising alliance http://s.www.alimama.com

two, the major advertising alliance:

1, Baidu alliance

China the most well known advertising alliance, through this alliance certification, is that your website reached a standard of success, because not all of the stations are available through Baidu alliance, it has its own evaluation is very strict and standard through the application.

advantages: high credibility of advertising revenue, the credibility of the site is also a positive website.

disadvantages: it is difficult to pass, the application is relatively simple, but the application process is more difficult. Advertising expenses generally: 800 yuan is not taxed, if more than 800 yuan, according to 20% tax, so. If you have more advertising revenue. On the loss. But if you are a big station.. Also afraid of the intersection of this tax? Anyway, it will not lose anything. When contributing to society. (joking).


2, Google alliance

world to know the main advertising alliance, is also the originator of advertising alliance. World share of nearly 80%, to u.s.. Detailed introduction can be "Baidu, Google" on the understanding, here is not explained.

advantages: advertising revenue is very high, the effect of advertising revenue is good, accurate algorithm. And settled in dollars. 100 dollars after the settlement, not taxes, this is good to do not want to pay the


shortcomings: the application is more difficult, the requirements of the site is very

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