a lot of people will be in 2013 as the first year of wearable devices, just past the CES from Razer Nabu Martian, company Notifier and other hardware to SONY, LG, ZTE, and other consumer electronics manufacturers, to Intel, CSR and other semiconductor manufacturers, almost all hardware and detached companies are put in the field of wearable devices the tide, CES can be hot wearable devices, so we have more to look forward to in the new year.

Pebble in 2012 to raise public platforms blockbuster, made a model of wearable business, a substantial improvement in the second generation product Pebble Pebble Steel no CES this year, but there is indeed a great improvement in the smart watch products, Pebble is destined to become a classic can not be ignored. Compared with many of the giants in the field of wearable try and explore, more wearable wearable wave tide is more start-up companies, wearable devices gradually gained more and more attention. In this paper, combined with some of their own time to wear some experience, combing my point of view.

1, wearable has really come?

Although the

CES show wearable boom Pumianerlai, but bearish even look bad There are plenty of people who, Microsoft’s senior vice president Zhang Yaqin during CES said: Wearable industry is still in cultivation period, five years to the big industry. Indeed, the CES show, although many companies have introduced a wearable device, but for the giant, wearable more is to try and explore, for start-up companies, some products are still partial " " geeks;, at this stage is still a niche market.


market is still in cultivation of the doubt, just as Zhang Yaqin said in five years, I beg to differ. The Internet era is an explosive development of the era, five years time, large screen mobile phone, tablet computer has been integrated into our lives, from the original mobile phone processor single core clocked at 400M frequency to now more than eight nuclear 2G. Five years ago, Sina did not micro-blog, not WeChat, five years ago, Windows Mobile is also very influential.

Internet era is one of the most insecure era. Five years, NOKIA, Motorola, hang out to destroy the BlackBerry, five years can catch up with YAHOO Facebook from scratch, down Myspace. So for Intel, SONY such giant, wearable device is not only to explore more defensive and layout, although the market is still nurturing, but who can sure wearable devices will not become the next growth point and the outbreak of


is now Microsoft in the field of mobile Internet is arguably more vulnerable, Microsoft should seize the growth point of all possible, just like the old comrade in arms of Intel, Zhang Yaqin’s view is a personal opinion or Microsoft’s overall understanding of the value > but can make nothing of it.

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