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station or forum, I found a more discussion topic is how to improve the GGAD website advertising revenue, the high GGAD advertising income is how to optimize the site, what are the essential factors of the construction site? Here is my a little experience to improve the website of GGAD advertising the income of skill, hope to help you master.

talk about improving the site GGAD advertising revenue skills, first of all to say how the AdSense advertising revenue is generated. AdSense advertising revenue = AdSense advertising display X ad clicks X single advertising price, the AdSense advertising revenue formula.

according to the official AdSense advertising revenue formula, it is not difficult to find, to improve the formula on the right side of any one factor, will have a very good effect on improving revenue. 728X90 format, 300X250 format, and 160X600 format is the best advertising format. The three advantage is that advertising formats can form a relatively strong reading area, get better attention; a large number of advertising, advertising to increase diversity; more likely to trigger multimedia advertising, rich sources of advertising.

is also the value of GGAD ads on the highest click rate position, you can double your ad clicks. The first screen advertising click rate is much higher than the second screen advertising, while more than half of advertisers in the choice of site advertising, will give priority to advertising in the first screen of the site. According to my experience, we feel that the following advertising display location, home page / two channel home / list page, open the first screen advertising, so you can harvest the most value. According to local conditions using 728X90 banner, 160X600 skyscrapers, or 300X250 rectangular box, have a good effect. The contents of the page, the contents of the upper left corner, the bottom of the content, or the side of the recommended links near. 300X250 rectangle is most suitable for the pip; another option is below or above the content by placing banner ads; and is also a good side in the pages of skyscrapers placed around a choice. Forum page, the first post below 728X90 banner is the best choice. Forum is not easy to ignore, practice has proved that the banner placed below the banner ads, not only click the effect is good, but also conducive to the user’s online experience.

in the end, increase the click rate at the same time, is also very important to increase the display advertising volume, so you can meet all of your advertising policy AdSense website and web pages, also can put 2 or 3 ad unit on a page, the increased advertising seen by users.

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