Internet development in China for less than twenty years, the company has a lot, not much left. In fact, many reasons for the decline of Internet Co, if you encounter a bad business environment, it belongs to natural disasters, who can not avoid. However, as the saying goes, the best times are losing money, the worst year in some money. So, the decline of Internet Co attributed to external causes, I think it is irresponsible.

I this person, like nothing to think about things, and sometimes pondering, these decline in the end what are the similarities in the Internet Co


I summed up, we take a look at the right.

the first category, copying foreign business model.

earlier in the year, everyone was copying the American model. If the eye, hand in the United States, saw the emergence of a new business model, a time difference, immediately put it back to the Chinese, seize the first mover advantage. But now it’s not the same. In the United States there is a new website, we will soon be able to read the relevant reports, but also in chinese. Also, including VC will introduce some good models to china. Domestic giants such as Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Sohu, etc., to solve the problem of survival, are closely watching the world’s new model to plot development. In the process of imitation, they are also more able to solve some of the problems encountered, such as government public relations. And small companies once encountered such problems, may not be able to do it. Therefore, the opportunity to copy the American model as a core competitiveness is no longer there, and I think this is a very dangerous model.

moreover, the degree of development of the Internet in the United States is not the same as china. Although Chinese Internet users base number, but mostly low income groups, the United States millions of Internet users is the middle class. Two countries’ culture, background, business habits are not the same. So, if the United States moved to China, but also to change. To tell the truth, the Internet is now a lot of people are there strong psychological speculation, blindly copy, not willing to explore, the copy is found not to conform to China conditions, and finally became The climate does not suit one. This simple imitation, the success rate must be very low. One of the most powerful proof is that the Internet giant proudly came to Chinese, with their already in the United States proved to be a successful business model, but in the end is The climate does not suit one. Therefore, the start-up companies do not dream of copying foreign models can be bigger, you have no money, second no user, what makes a big

second, the model itself is no problem, but no value to the user.

, for example, five years ago the popular SP. This value-added services through mobile phone charges, in fact, a micro payment. Each user spends five yuan per month to $ten. This is a very good model, but a lot of SP quick success, not consider >

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