"air traveler" because of its no technical content, easy to use, although not much reward, but wins in a relaxed, attracted many netizens to participate, have joined the "air traveler" one of the industry. But recently there are many netizens complain, received the survey invitation, but often because of a little small problem is not complete, a lot of times, the "air traveler" enthusiasm is not so high. In fact, this is a very normal thing, the same as the requirements of the network investigation is harsh, such as looking for an English translation, can not find a person who can only speak french.

"air traveler" appears to be simple, but there are many areas that need attention, only do these details of the place, in order to become a good "air traveler".

(1), often check the mailbox, whether there is an invitation to accept the investigation, and in the first time to complete the questionnaire. Do not hold the invitation to hand, when to fill the same ideas. For example, a survey report, the need for 100 people so the data will certainly send out 150 or 200 invitations to avoid some of the invitations issued by the response. This, if there are 101 people submitted a questionnaire, then only will extract the questionnaire before the 100 person, that is to say only the first 100 people can get paid more than the personal questionnaire will be canceled, so be sure to seize the initiative.

(2) fill in the questionnaire as far as possible to fill in the actual information. A lot of "air traveler" question, why fill in the real data, no investigation does not say, if personal information is sold to other institutions will be very troublesome. In fact, when faced with a questionnaire, the problem 1: specific age; question 2: what degree, what year. This is also calculated, after all, if the answer is too false questionnaire is not legitimate. Even if they do not want to disclose their privacy, then be sure to choose the answer can not be too outrageous.

(3) ensures the logic and consistency of the questionnaire. A lot of questionnaires, there will inevitably be some repetition of the meaning of the problem, for example, the first problem is the birth of the * * *, the latter is a question of how old, if you fill in, then you will make a logical error. It is necessary to pay attention to a qualified "air traveler". Consistency is required in a questionnaire on the answer can not conflict, the first question is whether to participate in the work, the choice is not, the next question to ask a few years of work experience, replied that three years. Although this is only a small mistake, the company may not pay attention to the investigation, but often because of these small errors caused by a long time to fill out the questionnaire meaningless.

(4) in the face of a very lengthy questionnaire to maintain a sense of normalcy, can not be impatient to fill in. After all, this is a job that can get benefits, if the answer is not to explain the correct treatment of the best evidence. A lengthy questionnaire represents a high reward. At the same time, fill in the questionnaire, to correct their attitude is a

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