1, keep fresh (Make it New): your Blog is not your site, you must often provide fresh content and unique point of view, you must be careful management in deep mining instead of using conventional means to put what a reader.

2, the sound of his own voice (Give it Voice) Blog: you must have a firm voice: voices from the real person, for one thing you must have their own attitude; for you to provide information and content must be real, vivid, high grade, wide.

3, (Say it Often) continuously updated: do at least once a week to update, every few days the best. First of all, focus on what you focus on in the field of Blog, focus on the focus of the field of things that can attract people’s attention and interest; and from time to time to provide exclusive information.

4, try interactive communication (Ask for Feedback): the success of the Blog will encourage readers to participate in the review mechanism or feedback from readers, don’t be afraid of criticism and debate, observe them in what to say, what they want to express the potential, grasp their preferences, to better adjust your the contents of their voices, this is a personal customer relationship management of the basic requirements.

5, share of information assets (Share the Wealth): to recognize your readers from all walks of life, they have a variety of interest, you should maximize to provide the information they need, the external site links such as a theme of the information link, similar content.

6, concise for the United States (Keep it Simple): take the time to design a simple and beautiful for your Blog page, give up those fancy and not real design; the real page download speed in the first place, to make your text easy to read, easy to search your document. Remember that simplicity is beauty.

7, armed with your readers (Equip Your Readers): not proficient in everyone like you, your readers may not know XML, do not know do not know RSS, Blog extends the various advanced technology — you have to do, is the most popular language to tell them what is it some technology, let them know what benefits, provide a method for their use, such as writing a note to tell them how to use the RSS function to use NewsReader, you must first tell them where to download this software. It is best to create a mailing list that allows your readers to keep track of your content via EMail.

8, multi-channel transmission (Promote in Multiple Channels): not everyone knows.

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