things cause: I bought a website on a buy a 29 yuan movie tickets available for viewing the two. Original price of 200. Try holding the mood, I went to the cinema. The environment is better than I thought, and at the same time with 29 yuan in exchange for the value of two movie tickets $140, but also can be used to add ten yuan to buy a cup of coke, a cup of popcorn. At this point, I have a question in my mind, the world really have such a free lunch?

a lot of people because of the viewing (many people are buying, they sold a total of one hundred thousand ~ ~ that is available for the viewing of the 200 thousand), it can be imagined that we arrived at 7 o’clock, can only buy the 9 o’clock movie tickets. The weather was cold, so the studios also provide supporting coffee shop, bakery, dessert, and video game city of course is the best choice.

film is the core needs of the audience, but they also have more leisure time to send, since the film is so cheap, but it will not be stingy other consumption. So who says businesses rely on selling movie tickets to make money?

this example is very consistent with the idea of our Internet era. The product or the application itself is not profitable, but as long as the gather popularity, then want to do (in this part we generally optimistic, but the real difficulty is how to gather popularity). So if you do not have a lot of popularity, it is better to think about how to make use of these have become popular places to make money. Give two examples.

: the first case of sleight of hand.

they sell this thing really no cost, but sell very well. Worth a lot of friends want to start learning. I observed three days, they sold 80 must see 10 cartoons, Oscar classic movie collection.

second cases: micro-blog to marketing.

Taobao mall in November 11th, the marketing campaign was very successful, many shops have sold the price of goods (in the end how many people buy affordable things we do not say. But I know by micro-blog that the event will take place on that day. Now what can not be through micro-blog to marketing it?

now some people have tens of thousands of fans, just send a link will have thousands of people click on the search. It is so easy to make money, of course, it is not easy to do this, you need to have a high prestige of the same level of quality.

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